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Dog Grooming and Pet Care in Brooklyn, New York

Grand Paws N Claws of Brooklyn, New York, offers the best in cat and dog grooming and pet care products, in a salon-style environment. Pets are treated to loving, individual attention during their stay with us, and our service include brush outs, fur trimming, blow out and drying, nail clipping, and ear cleaning and plucking as necessary.

Local Pet Boutique
We're proud to operate a local pet boutique dedicated to helping owners find everything needed to pamper pets. Well-known for unsurpassable quality, an extensive inventory, and our state-of-the-art equipment, we offer excellent customer service, striving to meet the individual needs of each client.

Whether it's a special occasion, or you just want to show your pets that you love them, you will find all you need with Grand Paws N Claws. Offering the finest designer brands and top-quality apparel for pets, you will find everything from organic shampoo to jeweled collars.

Dog Grooming, Pet Care in Brooklyn, NY

Full Grooming
Our professional pet groomers provide a professional service consisting of full bathing, nail clipping, ear cleaning, sanitary care, haircut, and style.

Consists of full bathing, nail clipping, ear cleaning and sanitary care.

Tea Cup
Bath/Brush: $40.00
Full Grooming: $45.00

Bath/Brush: $45.00
Full Grooming: $50.00

Bath/Brush: $45.00
Full Grooming: $55.00

Bandanas, bows, and perfume are included in both grooming options.

Other Products and Services
In addition to grooming packages, we also offer a variety of shampoos and services.


• Natural Oatmeal
• Medicated
• Super White
• Hypo Allergenic
• Flea and Tick
• Black Beauty®


• Teeth Brushing • Paw Pad Treatment

• Deshedding

• Hand Flea and Tick Removal
Kittens, Pet Care in Brooklyn, NY
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